Drugs in America

While Spike Lee has slightly looked at drug use in his films, he’s never fully engaged the topic. It would be interesting to see how Spike would engage the notion … Continue reading

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Levees Broke and Da Creek Don’t Rise: Raw Power

It might be me or the mere content of the subject, but When the Levees Broke and God Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise are extremely powerful in their raw-ness. … Continue reading

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Being George Wallace’s Black Friend

*small Absalom, Absalom! SPOILER ALERT* I cannot think of an adequate set of adjectives to describe the scene in 4 Little Girls where Lee interviews George Wallace, the former governor of Alabama. … Continue reading

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Aren’t I Pretty- The Performance of Femininity in Girl 6 (final project)

Femininity is a state seen as intrinsically connected to being a woman. And because of this, is made of a set of practices that society expects of women. But, as … Continue reading

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Final, Part III: Extra Credit

This term, we’ve looked at the various themes and topics tackled by Lee through his filmic projects. Each movie speaks to these themes in a different way, and while some … Continue reading

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Final Exam: Remixed Syllabus

This course provides an examination of four major themes consistently seen in Spike Lee’s representations of African American values: Conceptions of womanhood and manhood, Black Identity as developed through sexuality … Continue reading

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Final Project Post:Spike Lee’s Conception of Black Womanhood Through the Use of Physical Markers: Hair as a Reflection of Womanhood

Within School Daze, Spike Lee, through the use of Rachel and Jane, offers two complimentary dialogues regarding black womanhood. With Rachel, femininity and blackness is preserved by way of her darker … Continue reading

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